SFIM-300 Spektroskop

4e4ce77f-0091-4440-b8d7-399a6f18b266.jpegSFIM-300 je nový spektro metr, který integruje možnost měření blikání, spektra, intenzity a teploty světla. Přístroj využívá patentovanou technologii, která dovoluje široké využití od měření pouličního osvětlení, tunelů, vnitřního a kancelářského osvětlení.

Measurement Parameters
•    Illuminance
•    The Relative Spectral Power Distribution P(λ)
•    Spectral Irradiance E(λ)
•    Chromaticity in CIE 1931,1960,1976
•    Correlated Color Temperature(λ)(CCT)
•    Color Rendering Index Ra, Ri(i=1~15)
•    IES EVE Illuminance
•    Rf, Rg as per IES TM-30(option)
•    Flicker Percentage
•    Flicker Index
•    Modulation Depth
•    Flicker Frequency
•    FFT Frequency Spectrum
•    Pst and Plt as per IEC 61547(option)
•    FMA, FLVL as per VESAFPDM 2.0 and IEC 61747(option)

Main Characteristics:
•    50kHz high-speed sampling to catch transient variation of light.
50kHz sampling frequency, and the transient variation of the light is analyzed in both time domain and frequency domain.
•    Up to milliseconds measure & read speed
All the spectrum, radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities can be measured and read within milliseconds.
•    High measurement accuracy in wide range.
Adopts the internationally patented SBCT technology to widen the measurement range and improve accuracy, the Photometric range is from 0.1 lx~200klx.
•    Handheld and colorful vision
4.3* LCD panel One-tough operation Real time reading
•    Detachable detector for flexible application
The detachable detector makes the sampling more convenient and angle unlimited. The users holding the main unit can avoid exposure of the measured lights with hazard radiation.
•    WIFI&Bluetooth communication with phone and computer
The measured data could be read and edited in real time via high speed WIFI & Bluetooth.
Date can be exported as Excel, JPG, etc format.
Software keeps updating and can be customized accordingly.