Aktualizace beta verze DIALuxu EVO (XXIV) 24

dialux1Aktualizace beta verze DIALuxu EVO (XXIV) 24.










Změny v angličtině: 

-added more translations
-added missing icons
-added degrees of reflection and maintenance factor to the room output

-EN 12464 output is only available if results are available now
-added the wall depth of doors in the tool
-some improvements at the charting tool
-it is possible to edit the step with the polygon manipulator now
-added the DIAL Data Exchange Helper (DDEH) to support online plugins from other browsers than the Internet Explorer
-color of the dimensioning text fixed
-fixed a problem with some special characters in luminaire description texts
-fixed an infinite loop during arrangement of luminaires with some luminaires 
-hotfix to prevent installation on systems with some older Intel graphics solutions
-fixed some problems in the output configuration
-fixed a crash with intersecting door/window-cutouts
-rescessed ceilings will be removed with the space now
-fixed a crash with calculation surfaces intersecting other objects