Aktualizace DIALux EVO beta 22 (XXII)

dialux1Aktualizace DIALux EVO beta 22 (XXII)

Seznam změn v nové verzi v angličtině: 

Changes in Beta XXII:

-service tool added

-problems with empty geometries solved

-improved texture handling in dlx4/m3d import

-more error tolerant handling of damaged IES files

-some improvements in the calculation core

-doors and windows are placed correctly in rotated builings now

-fixed some issues with intersecting window cutouts

-it is possible to start plug ins evn if no default entry is present

-the manufacturer data are shown in the correct language now

-some bugfixes in the "copy along a line" function

-light texture format changed to save memory

-chartings are scaled according to the paper format of the printout now

-manufacturer information updated (08/2012)

-improved validation of user inputs

-it is possible to use the scale manipulator for cutouts now

-some translations added

-some GUI bugfixes and improvements